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Training Certification Program

Becoming certified is a way for your skills and expertise to be recognized and acknowledged. It will elevate the status of the training profession. As the number of certified training professionals grows, so does the status and prestige of the certification. Professional certification establishes credibility. We collaborate and work closely with professional certification institution to provide and develop a wide range of training program to support professional manpower to upgrade their skill and knowledge.

Why Lex Mundus

Lex Mundus has been active in this Industry for more than 12 years and has showed a leading role in company establishment and strategic corporate market-entry services in Indonesia. Through our deep understanding on Indonesian regulatory system and business culture, and our close relationship with various Indonesian government officials, we would be able to offer you cost-efficient and highly effective services in Indonesia.

Business Consulting
  • Company Establishment
  • Immigration Services
  • Tax and Finance
  • Human Capital
  • Intellectual Property
  • Translation
  • Corporate Legal Training
  • Tax and Finance Training
  • Certified Training